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We are here to help you choose the right rangefinder for you needs. There are a wide variety of rangefinders targeting a number of different market segments. Some of the major markets commercially available rangefinders target include golfing, rifle hunting and bow hunting. Buying the right laser rangefinder for your needs is crucial. This is testified by the number of poor Amazon reviews from customers who simply bought the wrong rangefinder for the job. We hope that our site will help you be an informed buyer and avoid buying the wrong product for your needs.

Rangefinders Comparison Table

A short and easy comparison is available with our laser rangefinder comparison table. The matrix lists some of the more popular laser rangefinders on Amazon. You can evaluate a number of important features including weight, relative price, range, magnification, size of objective lens and purpose designed for.

Overview – Rangefinders

Laser rangefinders are generally used outdoors for outdoor sports such as hunting and golfing as well as by military personnel, surveyors, builders and other technical professionals. They are today cheap and affordable with the cost ranging typically from $100 to $400.

Types of Rangefinders

There are different categories of users for laser rangefinders. Rangefinder users use them for rifle hunting, bow hunting, golfing, military applications, surveying and more. Consequently, rangefinder manufacturers target these groups with rangefinders designed to meet their needs. Let us consider some of the major categories of rangefinders.
Rangefinders focused to meet the demand for rifle hunters look to make solid products that can stand wear and tear, are lightweight and compact, and can give accurate readings quickly and at long range. Rangefinders targeting bow hunters look to have incline/decline ballistic calculators built in. Rangefinders directed at golfers look to produce rangefinders that can accurately target golf flags, ideally with pin-seeker technology.

What to Look for when Selecting a Rangefinder

Once you determine what use your rangefinder will be put to, you can look at a number of dimensions in finding the right rangefinder within your category. For instance, depending on what kind of rifle hunter you are and at what range you prefer to shoot, your choice may favor a longer ranged rangefinder over a shorter ranged one. As a golfer, you may or may not need pin-seeker technology, depending on whether you are having trouble pointing at the flag or whether you need to in the first place; some golfers are happy to aim the rangefinder at a nearby feature. For bow hunters and archery enthusiasts, one consideration may be whether you want a separate unit or something that can fit onto your bow.
Laser rangefinders are a hot item for many outdoor sports enthusiasts. Whether you are buying your next golf accessory or your next hunting supply, we hope to provide you with the best possible information in making your next purchase. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or if you wish to share your opinion.
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